Mimosa Pop & Trixxy

Let’s take a break from Bridal! There are other festive occasions going on in the month of June. Three holidays, birthdays, graduation and the oh-so-controversial “summer” makes it a fun month to experiment and play with your makeup and also find some ways to stand out from the crowd!

Sipping on Mimosas

Yellow is a bright and fun way to play with your eyes for the “summer”. The months of June to August are usually related with bright festive colors and yellow not only draws attention to the eyes but it is one of the colors that compliments deeper melanin tones beautifully. Now in my years as a makeup artist I will tell you one of the hardest eyeshadow colors to find is a good yellow! Yellow eyeshadows often tend to be too chalky and apply poorly. And I kid you not! Trust me when I say, I’m not saying this because BLK OPL signs the cheque.This yellow from the Colorsplurge Mimosa Pop Duo is EVERYTHING! It is richly pigmented and applies beautifully. Its definitely one of my favorite colors in the Colorsplurge collection and I highly recommend it.

Egyptian Eyes

Another fun way to play with your eyemakeup this “summer” (aka the rainy season) is eyeliner. Play with the shapes of your eyeliner, bold wings, arabic eyes, strong khol liner….there are so many things you can do. For my bold egyptian-esque wings I used the BLK OPL Automatic eye lining pencil in the shade Licorice. Its small point allows me to create a bold and defined wing that exaggerates my eyes.

Trixx aren’t only for Kids

I’ve been doing this blog for a few months now and we’ve done bold color on the eyes and soft colors on the lips. We’ve also done bold color on the lips and neutral tones on the eyes but….are your ready to graduate? For this season I challenge your to try bold colors on both the eyes and lips. Be careful with your color selections! Choose colors that are complementary to each other and match each other well.  Think of pairing oranges with blues, or burgundy with shimmery lime greens and other such complementary pairings. For my look I paired mimosa pop  with an equally bold and complementary purple. The shade of purple I used is from the Colorsplurge Color Stick collection in the color Trixxy. This purple color stick is definitely a statement!

So have fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment, make mistakes and even form your own style. The possibilities are endless when you use BLK OPL cosmetics.


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