Bridal Trial Tips

For the bride-to-be, bridal trials offer the opportunity to test different looks and to choose the best makeup-artist for your special day.  A bridal trial will spare both you and the makeup artist any confusion concerning the look you desire and will ensure that things run smoothly on your wedding day. Trust me when I say you want things to run smoothly on your wedding day! So don’t skimp and skip on the preparation. In this blog I cover bridal trial tips that will get you prepared for your big day!

Decide on your “Bride type”

Are you a classic bride? Classic brides tend to prefer working with neutral and earth-toned color schemes. They don’t want to be loud but the statement they want to make is one of elegance. For the classic bride I recommend BLK OPL Color Splurge eyeshadow collection that has a wide range of neutral but glamorous eyeshadows. On my model I used the Dusky glow and Brazen bronze eyeshadow for her bridal trial look

Are you a modern bride? Modern brides tend to be more dramatic and statement making than the classic bride. They do not mind playing with color, whether it be on the eyes or lips. They are bold and unapologetic. Their makeup is often a reflection of their bold personality. For the modern bride I recommend the Colorsplurge color sticks lippies, a wide array of fun colors that would add the perfect pop of color to the modern bride.

Are you a Barely Bride?  Barely brides want a naked makeup look. They want their skin to shine through, with minimal focus on the pageantry of eyeshadow, sculpted brows and painted skin. They want to look fresh and clean.  For the barely there bride I recommend BLK OPL’s True Color Ultra Matte foundation powder, which provides just enough coverage without looking cakey or overdone.

Choose your price range

Do you want to be a luxury bride? Or are you a budget bride? Set a budget for your bridal makeup and choose a makeup artist that best suits your price range. While the quality of makeup products do affect the outcome of your bridal look, more importantly is the skill of your makeup artist. Of course a MUA who uses BLK OPL products will not only give you a quality bridal look but their price ranges should be budget friendly.

Choose an MUA based on Portfolio

When choosing a bridal MUA do not only look at makeup work they have done on themselves but at the work they have done on others. Carefully go through their online and social media portfolio. If they don’t have these ask for a hard copy of their portfolio. Go through their client looks. Look at befores and afters and also ask for client recommendations. This is no easy task since one cannot be careful enough choosing an MUA for such a big day. Narrow it down to the MUA whose work speaks to your spirit.

Set the date

The bridal trial date should be NO LATER than a month in advance of the wedding. This will allow you and the mua to cover all points, try different looks if necessary and prepare and purchase whatever products. Rushing or last minute preparation always affects the outcome of your look. At the bridal trial sit down and discuss things such as the number of people the mua is expected to do makeup on, location and time of preparation, the style of your dress, hairstyle and overall look.  Also discuss whether you would want the MUA to stay for photos and touch ups throughout the day.

Once all these points are covered at your bridal trial your day will run as smooth as a BLK OPL true color foundation stick! Good luck to all my 2017 brides!


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