Colors of the Motherland

Continuing with our ethnic inspired makeup theme for the month of May, today we will journey into Africa. When I think Africa, I think life, joy de vie’ & color!

This is officially my first color blocking look with BLK OPL cosmetics.  Sure, I’ve done a lot of smoky eyes, neutrals and even a cut-crease but I must admit, being the color Queen I am, I was a bit skeptical about how BLK OPL eyeshadows would play into a color blocking look. Boy was I wrong! So let’s get into it.

Yellow: The Gold of Africa

Africa is a land overflowing with natural resources including gold. The bright sun of the Sahara shines beautifully on its planes. I wanted to represent this in my look, so I used a beautiful bright yellow from BLK OPL’s color splurge eyeshadow duo in Mimosa Pop, to bring that sunshiney feel to the tear ducts and inner third of my eyes.

The Green of the Serengeti

The green fertile plains of the Serengeti nourish much of Africa’s diverse wildlife. With BLK OPL’s color splurge eyeshadow in Amaize and a flat eyeshadow brush I gently pack this pigmented color on the outer second and third of my lids. Using a blending brush I blend the Mimosa pop yellow and Amaize to create a soft but vibrant blend.


Ankara fabrics of Africa are beautiful, vibrant and graphic. To add a graphic twist to my color blocking look I use the Colorsplurge duo in Roccan It in both the crease and the lower lid. First, the soft burgundy is blended in the crease, next it is placed on the entire lower lid.

Nile blue

To complete this African inspired color blocking eyeshadow look. I take the bright blue from the Roccan It eyeshadow duo and gently pat it into my waterline to give a graphic pop of color that can’t be missed. This blue is reminiscent of the famous waters of the Nile that runs through Northern Africa.

This completes my first color blocking eye-look with BLK/OPL color splurge eyeshadows. Though the colors are on the softer side, they are still versatile enough to create a vibrant look, definitely proving you can take colors inspired by any culture or ethnicity and create a fabulous face using BLK/OPL cosmetics.

P.S. Lips courtesy BLK/OPL Color stick in the shade Torrid 😉 Now back to my journey into Africa!

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