Arabic Chic

T&T is a multi-ethnic society rich in culture and diversity. In the month May BLK/OPL cosmetics will be celebrating the uniqueness and essence of our culture through makeup. Arabic makeup has been a major influencer of current makeup trends. Dark smoky eyes, strong eyeliner and sleek brows are its quintessential trademarks.

Brow Strength

Start off my defining your brow into a high arch with the Color Splurge Brow Shaper kit in the color deep brown. Fill in the eyebrows heavily to create definition. Now clean and define the surrounding areas with the True Color perfecting concealer. This cleans up any areas where you would have made mistakes on the eyebrows and it even hides stray hairs that fall out of the main brow shape.

Double Wing it!

Smokey eyes and unique eyeliner shapes are a hallmark of Arabic makeup.  Here I use the Color Splurge Eyeshadow in Jealous Burgundy as my smoky lid color to create a unique jewel toned smoke. Now the trick I used to create the dramatic liner shapes was to use two pieces of medical tape. The first piece is placed on the upper lid from the end of the eye to the tip of the brow. I then used the Color Splurge Precision Eye Definer pencil in Licorice, lining my lid and following the edge of the tape to create a strong wing. With the second piece of tape, I place it on the end of my lower lid and with the same pencil I draw a wing on the lower outer lid, creating a cool double wing effect.

Painted Lady

Arabic makeup is very heavy handed almost creating a painted façade on the face.  With the True Color Stick Foundation, I apply my overall matching foundation color (Truly Topaz) and then I contour to add angles and drama to my face with a darker shade of foundation (Hazelnut). To amplify my highlight and contour I use the Color Splurge eyeshadow duo in Tawny-Tease. The matte brown compliments my contour and the shimmery bronze accentuates my highlight.

My favorite part about this look is setting the face to a smooth matte finish with BLK/OPL’s newest addition to their True Color line; the Ultra Matte Foundation Powder. With a powder brush I buff the ultra-matte foundation powder into my skin to blend my highlight and contour together and to set my face for an all-day matte finish.

Shhhh!!!….Soft Lips

With intensity on the eyes it is important to balance off the face with softer lips. Simply apply the Color Splurge Luxe matte lipstick in Hint of Pink all over the lips. The soft shade of nudey pink will complete the look while letting the eyes speak for itself.


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