Stealing her wedding day!

I can’t tell you as a makeup artist, how many time ladies sit in my chair to get ready for a wedding and utter these words “I want to look better than the bride”. A tad evil? Yes! Achievable? Definitely!

To do this we are going to take a page out of spicy telenovela dramas and create a look that will steal the bride’s thunder and make any woman at the wedding jealous of your face beat.

Eye I have my eyes on you!

As with most bridal makeup looks the eyes will remain neutral but add some drama to your eyes with an intense focus on eyeliner. Using BLK OPL’s color splurge precision eye definer in the shade Licorice wing your upper lash line and then add intensity to the eyes by rimming your lower waterline. This will add contrast and definition to your eyes so that it can pop!

My boyfriend’s name is Matte

Matte and contoured equates to a flawless mug that arouses jealousy in any bride. First prime the skin with BLK OPL’s invisible oil blocking gel primer. A trick to increasing the longevity and matte effect of your makeup is to powder the skin before applying foundation. Lightly dust BLK OPL’s invisible oil blocking powder over the primer. This will act as a barrier between the oil on your skin and your foundation, keeping you looking fresh all day.  Now over it all apply BLK OPL’s true color pore perfecting liquid foundation. This oil-free formula that contains poreless technology which helps minimize pore appearance and mattify skin for a flawless-looking finish. Use a foundation one to two shades lighter in your highlight zones (under the eyes, nose bridge, chin and center of forehead) and one shade darker in your contour zones (sides of nose, sides of forehead, cheekbones and jawline). Blend it all together for a perfectly contoured look!

Sinner’s Lip!

Nothing purrs “come hither” like sinfully red lips. Red lips are reminiscent of 1950’s pinup girls and screen sirens that oozed sex and seduction. While the bride will stick to soft angelic neutrals, your lips will be sinfully delicious. To create the perfect red pout, lightly line your lips with a black liner. In this case again I use BLK OPL’s liner in the shade Licorice. Then fill the outer edges of your lips with BLK OPL’s Color Splurge Luxe Matte Lipstick in the shade rich red. Now fill the center of the lips with Color splurge luxe matte lipstick in the shade Vampy red. By smacking your lips together to blend the colors in you will now have the ultimate red ombre lips.

Now off to steal her wedding day! But be sure to be a good girl and not seduce her husband! After all you have to leave something for the bride.

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