Your Ex’s Funeral

This April my blog posts will be all about creating fun and fabulous party looks! So why not start this celebration with a bang! Today I’ll be giving you tips to create a Vampy retro inspired party-look (think of the villainous but sexy Joan Collins of Dynasty circa 1985).
Every woman has a naughty side that shows up from time to time. Let me show you how to bring out your inner “bad girl” with BLK OPL cosmetics
Our eyebrows are 80’s inspired. They are not overly sculpted but have a natural & slightly rustic edge to them. Use BLK OPL’s Color Splurge Brow Shaper Kit and an angled brush to fill in your eyebrows with quick short strokes to give them an edgy flare.
Grab your tape and place a strip at the end of your eyes to the tip of your brows. This technique is going to help you create the sharp, sexy cat-eye that we need for our vampy vixen.  Next take BLK OPL’s color splurge duo in Smokey siren; place the lighter silver in the inner third of the eye and the darker charcoal shade on the rest of the lid. With your blending brush smoke the darker shade into the crease. This will help create an intense smoldering stare.
No classic vixen would be complete without vampy lips. Vampy lipsticks are dark, mysterious and alluring and the perfect way to bring attention to any look. Deep burgundies, dark violets and maroons lipsticks are the best choices for creating the vampy effect. BLK OPL’s color stick lips in the shade ‘Vicious’ is an extremely opaque and creamy formula which makes you look more Cruella Divine than Cruella Deville.
Now you are ready to party and when your ex sees you, give him a smoldering stare that is sure to make his heart stop  and then be sure to give them face at his funeral!

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