Pop! Pop! Pop!

Color makes the world exciting and beautiful. Could you imagine if the world was a canvas of black and white? Boring! Are you the girl who wants to experiment with color in your makeup looks but you feel apprehensive, skeptical or even afraid? Have no fear! ​BLK OPL​ has your back. There are cool ways to incorporate pops of color into your look without it being overwhelming.
The concept of “pop of color” simply means a classical neutral eye with a modern hint of color. This color is usually incorporated onto the lower lids of the eye. It can also be incorporated in areas such as the eyeliner or by using colored mascara. On our model’s eyes I created a neutral upper lid using ​BLK OPL’s ​color splurge eyeshadow in the color ​Dusty Gold​. I complimented this by using their color splurge eyeshadow duo in ​Bordeaux Bliss​ in the crease and brow bone. To add that unexpected pop-of-color I incorporated the blue from ​BLK OPL’s​ color splurge eyeshadow duo in ​Roccanit ​on the lower lids. This makes this eye-look come alive and pop right out! To keep this look fun and youthful I used ​BLK OPL’s​ color splurge stick in the shade ​Trixy​. Purple lipsticks compliment brown skin tones beautifully and bring sex-appeal to any look.  If you are skeptical about using color on the eyes, lipsticks are a fun and no-risk way to play with color! So remember to have fun and experiment with makeup using your makeup bff ​BLK OPL​ cosmetics. Mo

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