Skin is In

Shhhhhh……I have a secret! A secret most makeup artists don’t want you to know! The key to beautiful makeup is this simple formula: eyebrows + skin + lips = Enhanced Beauty! Sure the drama of makeup can be amazingly artistic but all the theatrics aren’t needed for enhancing your natural beauty. 

Let’s start with enhancing your skin by creating a smooth canvas and a radiant glow.  Start off with priming your skin using the BLK OPL True Color Perfecting primer. ​Wear alone or create the perfect canvas for your makeup. This ultra-light primer instantly refines pore appearance and preps skin flawlessly with a sheer wash of color. Brightening actives help keep skin tone even and emollient conditioners leave skin smooth, hydrated and radiant. Demi-matte, luminous finish and it is suitable for all skin types. I used the shade medium for my skin tone.

In keeping with a skin like finish we are going to avoid heavy foundations and just conceal small areas of discoloration using BLK OPL’s True Color Flawless Perfecting Concealer. This creamy but pigmented foundation stick covers the darkest discolorations seamlessly all while blending perfectly into the surrounding skin tone. 

To finish off our skin we are going to create a natural but radiant glow that appears as if it is coming from within using BLK OPL’s Color Splurge Baked Bronzing powder. Use by strobing it on to your highlight points including your nose bridge, cheekbones, brow bone, forehead and chin.


Now that skin appears naturally radiant and healthy complete your Enhancement by filling in your brows with BLK OPL’s Brow Definer Kit and choose any of their Color Splurge Color Stick Lips to create a plump pout with your lips. In the look I created I used the Color Stick in the shade Henny.

Isn’t it amazing how simple enhancing your natural beauty can be with BLK OPL cosmetics? Now go ahead and try it! With BLK OPL you can be the best you that you can be!




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