Work It Out

The modern working ‘gal’ wants the quintessential professional makeup look but they also want their personality to peek through. This week I will give you four tips for keeping your office looks professional but also beautiful.

Tip 1: Prime

Keeping your game face on at the office means not having to reapply your makeup throughout the day because it is oily or blotchy. To prevent oiliness and increase the longevity of your makeup throughout the working day Prime with BLK OPL’s Invisible Oil Blocking Primer. Not only does this primer smooth the skin in preparation for makeup but it has natural astringent properties which keep you oil free and fresh throughout the day.


Tip 2: Powder fresh

Keep your look fresh with BLK OPL’s Invisible Oil Blocking Powder. This color free loose powder sets your makeup perfectly in place so that is does not shift throughout the day while keeping your skin smooth and shine free. Besides keeping you matte it won’t alter your foundation shade.


Tip 3: Neutralize It

The office isn’t necessarily the place for bold bright colors (depending on where you work). So keep your color selections classic and neutral. Neutral looks are easy on the eye while still enhancing natural beauty. BLK OPL has several neutral eyeshadows in their Color Splurge collection. In my look today I am wearing the Color Splurge Duo in Ooh La La which is a cool toned neutral duo. On my lips I’m wearing BLK OPL’s Color Splurge Luxe Matte lipstick in Hint of Pink which is both neutral and youthful.


Tip 4: Give them a Wink

Bring your pleasant personality into your makeup. Look eager and up to the task with your sparkling eyes. By using BLK OPL’s Color Splurge Boldalicious Length Mascara you bring both playful volume and length to your eyelashes adding that spark of personality to your makeup look.


Now that your game face is on, you can conquer any task at the office! Be smart, be bold but most of all be BLK OPL Beautiful!


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