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Tawny Tease

The colorful kaleidoscope that is Carnival has come and gone.  With the lent season on the horizon it is now time to tone down and minimize our makeup routines so that it fits into our everyday lives. Still, toned down does not have to be boring. With the right Black Opal products in your routine you can create signature neutral looks that enhance your face and compliment your winning personality.

On our model I wanted create a neutral but sun kissed bronzed look that reflected a healthy post-Carnival glow.  Black Opal’s Color Splurge eyeshadow duo in Tawny Tease is so amazing because of its multifunctionality. Not only was it used on our model’s eyes to create neutral glamour, but it was also used on the model’s skin as a highlight and contour hence giving off the effect of dimension and glow.

Our model’s highlight was baked and set to perfection with Black Opal’s Deluxe Finishing Powder in shade Light which is Light enough to create highlight yet still complimentary to deeper skin tones.

To further add a touch of Rubenesque charm to the cheeks I added Black Opal’s baked blush in Ginger. Ginger’s rich rusty tone compliments our model’s hazelnut complexion perfectly.

Neutral lips were created using Black Opal’s lipstick in Burnished Bronze and topped with the Color splurge lip gloss in Sinseer for the perfect nude finish.

Carnival is over but equipped with your post-Carnival tan and Black Opal products you can be that perfect Tawny tease!


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