Valentines Day Look

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching! It’s all about chocolate, teddy bears, romance and of course being with the one you love. Who knows you just might get asked on a date! So, even though we are in the midst of the Carnival season, we are going to reel the intensity back a bit and create a look that enhances our natural beauty rather than hides it.
While we women don’t wear makeup for men, this day is one time to perhaps take your partner’s opinion into consideration. Most men appreciate soft enhancement makeup over dramatic drag makeup. I am going to show you how to achieve this quixotic look with a hint of rose pink using Black Opal Cosmetics’ products.

Step 1: First prepare your skin for makeup by priming with Black Opal’s Invisible Oil Blocking Matifier. This gel is light weight and silicone base, so it creates a smooth and flawless canvas.
Step 2: Fill in your brows with Black Opal’s Color Splurge Brow Shaper. Here I use the shade deep brown. Our aim is for a natural fill rather than a harsh over-sculpted eyebrow. Remember! Soft and pretty!
Step3: With a crease brush apply your transition color. I find that the Black Opal Color Splurge Eyeshadow Duo in Mimosa Pop when mixed together combines to create the perfect transition in my crease.
Step4: To create the effect of amour on the lids we want to use a lid color that is neutral but still hints to all that is Valentines. The eyeshadow duo in Black Shock is a winner for creating this effect!! The neutral beige eyeshadow is duo-chrome. So depending on which angle the light hits it , it gives off a subtle pink iridescent sheen. Apply this color on the first and second third of the lids. Keep that Black Shock duo in hand! We’ll need it again a bit later.
Step 5: Yes I did it!!! In a creative twist I applied Black Opal’s Baked Blush in Woo to the outer third of my lid. This rose pink is so pretty and sweet. It’s a fun way to add a hint of color to this otherwise neutral look.
Step 6: Using the Black Shock eyeshadow duo and a damp angled brush I dip into that highly pigmented black and draw my winged liner. Sultry bedroom eyes always begin with a wing!
Step 7: Bobo be gone! Using the Black Opal full coverage foundation stick in Truly Topaz, I apply it all over my face. Now my canvas is smooth and flawless but surprisingly it feels light and skin like.
Step 8: Give your skin a rosy romantic glow with Black Opal’s Blush in Woo. Blush brings back the flush of life to your skin, making you look young and healthy
Step 9: Keeping our lips moisturized and chic, apply Black Opal’s Color Stick Lips in the shade Purr. Purr is indeed purrrfect. It’s not too loud of a color and just the right shade of neutral pink to complement our enhanced makeup look.
Step 10: Create the illusion of a juicy full pout by applying Black Opal’s Luster Gloss in the shade Plush. Iridescent pink shimmers add to the flintiness of our look without being overly sticky.
Step 11: Seduce your man with by just the bat of an eyelash! Now false lashes are optional but if you must wear them remember to blend them in with your natural lashes using mascara. I recommend Black Opal’s Mascara on both the top and bottom lashes for an innocent doe-eyed look.

That completes our Valentine’s day look! Armed with Black Opal products you are now enhanced and radiant. Your mug is sultry and flirty enough to woo the boys in. You just might need security!

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