Makeup For The Fete Season

Feting is We Name

The carnival season is here in T&T and if you are lover of this party season I am sure you have several fetes on your agenda. Fetes aren’t only about the lime, the party and the music but it’s just as much about the look! So how do you look flawless when those ever present party photographers pop up on you during the fete season? Keep on reading because I am going to give you some tips to slay your fete face!

Do You Smoke?

No I don’t mean cigarettes but I do mean do you smoke your eyes. Smokey eyes are the easiest and most sultry way to draw attention to yourself. Smoked eyes can be subtle and glamorous or dramatic and sexy.
The key element in a smokey eye is that is starts off dark on the lids and then is blended out to soft perfection in the crease. I suggest Black Opal’s Color Splurge eye-shadow duo in Psychedelic Craze to create the perfect smokey blend. First start off with the lighter sparkly purple in the beginning and middle of the lid, then create that dark smoked effect by placing the darker purple in the outer corner of the lid and smoking it all the way up into the crease. Be sure to BLEND! For this look to be perfection, you’ve got to take your blending brush and swish it back-and-forth until all harsh lines disappear!

Lip Fantasy

Another element to your fete-glam look will be your lips. Keep the lips soft and sexy to balance off the drama in the eyes. Something neutral with a romantic hint of pink will complement your smoked eyes.
My first suggestion is to line and define your lip. A beautiful deep plum lip pencil like Black Opal’s Automatic Lip Lining Pencil in Plumberry will give that perfect 3-dimensional look to the lips. Next fill in the lips with Black Opal’s Color Stick Lips in the shade Zen. Zen is a beautiful frosty but soft neutral pink. It is very chic and very sexy! Smack your lips together two to three times to blend the Plumberry liner into the color stick and walla: Glamour puss lips!

Don’t Sweat it

How could we forget our canvas? Yes not only do we want it perfect from Machel Monday to Fantastic Friday but we also want it to stay in place when we are jumping and sweating! Black Opal Cream Stick Foundations are water resistant, so they won’t run when all your winning and jamming causes you to break out in a sweat. Be sure to prime first with Black Opal’s Invisible Oil Blocking Mattifier and then set the final look with the Invisible Oil Blocking Powder for that all night-into-day wear!

So let’s conclude the matter. This Fete season the key to a simple but sexy slay are smokey eyes, pinky-nude lips and a sweat-resistant flawless finish! Now go forth and party!


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